WEEMETAL born from the illusion and the knowledge of s group of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the foundry industry, with the goal to get the best value from the recicle metal the industry generates. In that point is where WEEMETAL becomes a huge benefit ofr it’s clients and the society.

Our goal is to became in a useful tool for our clients in their diary activity, giving efficiency solutions of recycling of metals.

Weemetal works with the biggest recycling centers in all over the world, thats why we get the best prices in the market, sending our products every where in the world.


We offer you a wide range of products focused to be your partner to manage resources and optimice waste

WEEMETAL helps you to reduce the need to stock, guaranteeing the constant flow in a regular supply chain of the needed raw materials each company needs.

Products we trade


We are fully compromised with the environment.

We live in a beautiful planet and is our responsibility, from each one of us to take care of it.

At Weemetal, we recycle materials that would otherwise contaminate the planet. We work under ISO 14001 for waste management, giving a second life to products, managing waste and contributing with our small grain of sand to a better world for our children.




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